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The breakthrough alternative for alleviating menstrual discomfort in minutes.

As a purpose-driven brand, Ziivaa is changing the taboo conversation of menstruation into one focused on bringing together women of every color, creed and socio-economic background world wide.


In the culutre of concealment that engulfs one of the most natural human events, we’ve pushed more than half of the world’s population into a shameful retreat. Films, ads, PR campaigns, big business and religion have all shaped the continual narrative that a women’s menstrual cycle is not to be shared or discussed, let alone celebrated.

So how do you shift the paradigm on an issue dating back to biblical times with a product no body has ever seen before?

“Ziivaa’s mission is to help women worldwide live a life without the menstrual pain roadblock.” The Ziivaa belt is a drug-free, non-invasive, natural way to alleviate menstrual discomfort in as little as fifteen minutes through gentle compression of the hips.


The level of discomfort varies for each woman. However, the common factor is it can affect their family, relationships, job and personal interests. Collaborating closely with the Ziivaa marketing team, we saw an opportunity to bring the conversation to the forefront. Through a combination of focus groups and research on the cultural history of menstruation, we were able to establishing a greater sense of empathy.

The most powerful discovery we made is during a women’s life she will spend roughly 1,824 days coping with her menstrual cycle. This equates to 260 weeks or five years!

That was painless.

Two distinct challenges were present during the package design. Get the audience to trust the brand promise of pain relief and get them to use the product correctly to experience that promise.


The packaging was responsible for some heavy lifting. It had to protect the product during shipping, be versatile to satisfy multiple foreign markets and convey the Ziivaa voice. Simultaneously, we had to consider how a potential customer would perceive a product completely unknown to the world. What would give them comfort in their purchase? How do we design an experience with the packaging that was delightful but mindful?

Previous packaging was product centric and relied on plastic molds to house the belt. Additionally, the box itself wasn’t substantial enough to convince the audience of the price point. A conscious move was made toward a customer centric design which showed the product in-use.

A more substantial paper-wrapped box with top cap was developed to act as a long-term storage option. The outer sleeve reduced overall cost by allowing Ziivaa to swap it out for another language and market.

The overall brand voice gives credibility to the science of the product while maintaining a fun, active, playful feel. “That was painless” greets the audience as the unboxing of the product becomes an experience to reinforce the brand promise. Inside, the product is cradled by two soft, arching shapes which mimic the belt’s (and woman’s) natural curves.

Additional customer testing and distribution channels responded highly to the redesign. The initial launch saw the Ziivaa belt sold through Sharper Image and Brookstone as well as being picked up by distributors in the Netherlands and Belgium.

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The Movement

The evolution of a socially responsible brand is both an art and a science. With Jason’s strong command of these elements and his wisdom in design, he has added great value to our overall branding strategy.

Kristen Nichols
CEO, Ziivaa, LLC

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