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We make wellbeing simple, practical, and achievable for people in the workplace.

Wisdom Labs is quickly becoming the leader in corporate mindfulness training. Boasting a client list which includes Ford, Starbucks, Kaiser Permanente and GoPro, they provide science-based well-being solutions for busy professionals.


As a start-up experiencing fast growth, their identity was lost in the day-to-day operations. They lacked understanding of who they are, how they’re different and a clear verbal and visual identity to match.


An in-depth approach focused on character archetypes and personas led to deeper understanding of the Wisdom Labs’ story and why the company exists. These sessions got the whole team thinking about what they do from a different perspective and how it aligns with their customer’s needs.

Creating authenticity through greater awareness.

Through a series of collaborative virtual sessions, the Wisdom Labs’ team and I began to uncover the strengths and challenges of their character in order to build a solid foundation of communication.

Don’t just survive, thrive!

By identifying key differences between ‘surviving’ and ‘thriving,’ we gained deep insight into what made Wisdom Labs different from their competition.


We used all insights as a guide in developing the brand personality and voice as well as co-creating a central concept, “performance to wonder.” This empowering narrative of shifting mindsets from wins and losses to challenges and opportunities fuels the brand experience Wisdom Labs provide through their curriculum.

While the competition is focused on moving people from burnout to a stable state of health (surviving), Wisdom Labs moves employees beyond that into a state of ‘thriving.’ This is where ground-breaking ideas live and organizations begin to change the world.

A simple and unique identity pulls from the team’s rich heritage rooted in an unyielding dedication to scientific research. Wisdom Labs relies heavily on proven and emerging scientific studies. These studies become the basis for developing programs and providing measurable results for their Fortune 500 clients.

We brought this to life through touchpoints such as a redesign of their website, downloadable course descriptions and presentations. The result is a visual language which aligns with the Wisdom Labs personality and communicates their value.

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Jason worked on an extensive branding campaign for our company Wisdom Labs, and his work process and product immediately added tremendous value to our business. Jason brings design-forward thinking, a strong business sense and outstanding market insights to help position any business for success. Highly recommended.

Rich Fernandez
Co-founder, Wisdom Labs

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