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Care. Compassion. Clinical Excellence.

“TurningPoint serves women with breast cancer in Greater Atlanta with specialized physical therapy, massage therapy, counseling and nutritional counseling to enhance return to full quality of life.”


TurningPoint wanted to activate their donor engagement and align their messaging platform to reflect the real impact they provide to the people they serve.


By testing a number of messaging statements with their customer base, TurningPoint was able to pinpoint the key emotional trigger for their audience. We developed a brand campaign focused on transforming their compelling ‘why’ into a core message, copy writing, and talking points.

Brand Manifesto

Whether it’s our mother,
our father,
friend or neighbor
we all have a story,
an experience with breast cancer.

At TurningPoint we understand your connection is personal.

Through a wide variety of educational programs and evidence-based rehabilitation, our specialized care brings hope, encouragement and support to survivors and caregivers.

The path to recovery is a journey – make it personal.


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