Look closer. Sense deeper. Lead smarter.

Using best practices in mindfulness, emotional intelligence and leadership, The Reminding Project designs and facilitates programs that transform people, culture, and organizations for peak performance and well-being.


The Reminding Project was faced with finding their unique voice in a quickly growing category. With a variety of independent consultants and major competitors with larger resources, the challenge was to understand how their approach made them different.


To unearth the deeper story of The Reminding Project, we held several sessions focused around discovering their core character archetypes. This was also done for their audience and major competitors to gain better insight into their value and difference.

Thoughts are patterns.

They have shape and direction.


It became evident that one of The Reminding Project’s greatest strengths was adaptability. Their skill to meet people where they are, speak on their level and provide only what a team is ready to receive reinforced one of their core values of compassion.

The central concept, “thoughts are patterns,” was established and guided the development of the brand’s wordmark and visual language.

Appearing in the logo signature, “The Wave” became the primary symbol incorporated into the visual identity. It helps shape the brand story and adapts to communicate specific benefits of organization’s approach.

Expressed consistently across all touchpoints, the brand’s identity system transfers from print collateral to digital media with ease. Drawing on a heritage of academia and community engagement, the spirit of inclusion rings true for The Reminding Project.

The Wave

It’s the foundation of our thoughts. It can take any shape and has infinite possibilities. It’s what makes us unique.

Business cards
Business cards

His branding process helped us find clarity regarding our unique positioning and message to our desired audiences.

Shalini Bahl, Ph.D.
Founder, The Reminding Project

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