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MagnifyGood is a communications and marketing agency that works with nonprofits, foundations, mission-focused organizations and philanthropies to create deep, emotional ties that change the world.


MagnifyGood looked to update their visual identity to better align with the credibility and expertise of the agency. Their rich heritage is tied to purpose-based organizations and communication strategies. The feeling of innovative thought leadership they’re bringing to the non-profit sector was missing from the overall identity. Additionally, their current visual appearance wasn’t built to grow.


Using a mindful framework, we gathered the team for an all day session to identify how they viewed themselves as an agency. A collaborative exercise got the team focused on their core character archetypes. We also identified the archetypes their competitors and audience tend to associate with. We discovered MagnifyGood has a fairly bold and independent nature to their approach. It allowed the team to rest more confidently in these convictions which surrounds the value they deliver.


MG old trademark


MG Trademark


With a better understanding of the story MagnifyGood communicates to their audience, we were able to develop a series of mood boards.

These helped the team visualize intangible qualities previously established. While the name ‘MagnifyGood’ uses two very common words, their relationship to each other is where the strength comes from. It became a source of inspiration and represents many aspects of the internal culture as well as the external value provided.

‘Good’ by itself is a starting point in today’s culture. It’s also an overused word. The true impact happens when you magnify that ‘good’ and build a movement. With an idea of two entities coming together, a simple yet dynamic mark began to take shape. It’s focus is on the space between objects, people, and organizations. That’s where ‘good’ lives and it’s what we look to magnify.

Business Cards

We want to thank you for guiding us to that moment when it struck – This is the foundation of our compelling “WHY;” it is our brand and our story.

Dana Westmark & Donald Geikie
Realtors, Michael Saunders & Co.

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