Our lawyers aren’t just working on a legal document or court dispute – they are giving a person or a family a fair chance to get justice.

Legal Aid of Manasota is a non-profit civil law firm that provides free legal services to low income individuals and families in Sarasota and Manatee counties when they have no other option or place to turn.


How do we get more quality attorneys to donate their time and expertise when most resort to simply “stroking” a check or do nothing at all?


A three-stage process focused on brand definition, brand identity and brand execution resulted in a deep understanding of LAM’s core archetypes, attributes, relevance, logical and emotional connections, and positioning territories.

We found significant connections between the public perception of lawyers and historical events.

The story that began to evolve was centered around a few key points in history. These shaped public opinion of lawyers and their value to society.

Lawyer as “society’s problem solver.”

“The Golden Age”

1945 -1969

Lawyers were symbols of right vs. wrong, they set the example for others to look up to, and were commonly regarded as intellectual role models as depicted in such TV shows as “Perry Mason”.


“Perry Mason” By CBS Television (photographer unknown) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Lawyer as “problem with society.”

Societal and professional discontent

1965 -1977


With the assassination of JFK in ’63, MLK in ’68, and civil rights a source of tension, society was becoming increasingly unstable, fearful, and untrusting of authority.


James Meredith and Civil Rights Attorney, John Doar by Marion S. Trikosko, U.S. News & World Report [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Authority can’t be trusted

New class of “do gooders”


The traditional school of thought and practice of law is challenged by idealistic youth entering prestigious universities such as Yale, Harvard, and Stanford.

Mario Savio, the face of the free speech movement at UC Berkley, 1964. Photo credit Sam Churchill


A new identity was developed to communicate shared ideals and values between LAM and it’s audience. We identified lawyers on the verge of retirement as being integral to the strategy. As a way of engaging this audience, we developed The Beacon Society. It’s an opportunity for Legal Aid of Manasota to recognize the expertise and passion of baby-boomer lawyers in our community. The goal is to connect people and provide assistance to retired, semi-retired and transitioning lawyers to help them see the measurable results of their pro bono work.

Additionally, there’s a growing community of those who don’t qualify for pro-bono legal services. To better meet the needs of this audience LAM developed Florida Low Bono, a service designed to provide family law assistance.

These three divisions further the position to make Legal Aid of Manasota the best opportunity for the community to serve the civil law challenges of people in need through volunteer lawyers offering hope and fair representation.

LAM Business Cards
Low Bono Brochure

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