The Art of Living.

Heavily immersed in the arts and culture community, Realtor Elizabeth Van Riper looked to refresh her identity and align with her customer’s needs.


As a fifth generation fine artist with a background in marketing and financial services, Elizabeth Van Riper’s identity was confusing and messaging unclear. With a sphere of influence heavily immersed in the arts and culture community, gaining their referrals became a challenge.


By establishing EVR’s core character archetypes first and then detailing her ideal customer personas, it allowed us to better understand how her strengths align to provide value to her audience.


Deeper insights created through deep awareness.

Collaborative sessions oriented around character archetypes and customer personas created a basis for developing the identity strategy.



Elizabeth’s ability to help her customers create meaning in their life quickly became the source of influence for the identity. With a customer base facing challenges such as relocating away from family and friends or leaving cultural circles of influence, her empathy and market knowledge provides a primary benefit.

The result was a new head shot and customized wordmark which became the visual signature to all marketing collateral. Additionally, “The Art of Living” was developed as a mantra and central concept of the brand. The identity was then spread across touchpoints ranging from direct mail to online media.

General Postcard
Rac card
Client Concierge Book
Just Listed Postcard

Jason’s unique process was extremely revealing, initially intimidating, but quickly fascinating and clarifying. His willingness to guide me through the process with clarity, compassion and inquisitive questions, drilled down to what I believe is the essence of what I offer my customers.

Elizabeth Van Riper
Realtor, Michael Saunders & Co.

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