You need to be sharp, not ruthless.

Dana and Donald are widely regarded as leaders in Sarasota real estate, ranked in the Top 3% of agents Companywide. Their knowledge of the market truly knows no bounds, thanks to their almost four decades working with home buyers and sellers.


After more than 38 years combined experience in the real estate market, Dana and Donald came to me looking to update their visual identity. It no longer represented who they were professionally or how they’ve grown in the market. Additionally, both were looking to expand their customer base into an emerging demographic of homebuyer. After some initial questioning, I found they were in need of much more than a visual facelift.


Jumping into visual design without strategic clarity doesn’t produce the results we’re looking for. A collaborative approach focused on character archetypes began to unravel deeper motivations of who they are as a team and what makes them different. Customer personas were developed to better understand the wants, needs and motivations behind their current and emerging customer base.


Marketing collateral before
Marketing collateral before
Marketing collateral before
Marketing collateral before
Marketing collateral before
Marketing collateral before



The archetype sessions revealed deeply positive insights each agent held for one another and which had never been expressed before. This strengthened the team’s internal culture, established a set of core values and enhanced the value proposition for their audience.

A clear and relatable voice unfolded naturally as a central concept was created around the word “lifestyle.” Having both lived in Sarasota for nearly 30 years, they’ve been advocates of the community through their philanthropy work, local business support and outdoor activity.

Drawing inspiration from local and regional lifestyle magazines, we began to share Dana and Donald’s own story. Through a series of photo shoots we developed the lifestyle narrative which opens dialog with the client regarding wants and needs.

The photography became the driving force of the collateral while the stylized wordmark of the agents’ names lend recognition.

Donald Farmer's Market
Donald Car
print collateral
print collateral

We want to thank you for guiding us to that moment when it struck – This is the foundation of our compelling “WHY;” it is our brand and our story.

Dana Westmark & Donald Geikie
Realtors, Michael Saunders & Co.

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