The beliefs that guide what we do.

Startups have the unique opportunity to start with purpose and create new standards for business as a force for good.

For some people change strikes fear in them and habits are darn near impossible to break. Large companies are no different. They can get stuck on auto-pilot just like many of us. With so much momentum built up, changing to be more purposeful is too difficult. Their use of cause-based marketing and CSR programs is great. They bring much needed attention and funding to important causes.

However, it’s not an ideal situation.

Instead, founders and startups have a unique opportunity to begin with purpose. They’re small and nimble enough to create positive habits and new standards for business as a force for good.

I believe when a startup is engaged at the right time, they can be the ones to help employees and customers bring more meaning and well-being to their lives with purpose-driven strategy.

I believe …

No. 1

Business should be a force for good.

Business is a powerful force to effect change in our world. Organizations have a responsibility to help employees and customers create meaning and well-being in their life through purpose. When purpose is at the center of business, it means positive impact for everyone.

No. 2

Brands are made up of people.

When we speak about brands we typically use business jargon. But we often forget they’re made up of people. People that bring their hopes and fears to work every day. People trying to connect and serve other people. So brands should behave like people. Namely in ways that are loving, compassionate, and responsible with the understanding that when you know better, you do better.

No. 3

Mindfulness removes barriers.

The pre-cursor to creating meaning is self-awareness. For brands to own and articulate their purpose it’s imperative they understand who they are first. A mindful framework is the best way to remove extrinsic motivators, unrealistic expectations, and old habits to uncover the authentic organization.

Bring purpose to life within your startup. Learn more about what you can do today.

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