Focus on Purpose: Why Startups Need to Escape the Feature-first Mindset

by | Jun 2, 2017 | FREE Download

Customers are putting less and less emphasis on cost, convenience, and function. Instead, they’re buying decisions directly reflect the need for more meaning in their lives. As Aaron Hurst predicted, we’re in the Purpose Economy.

But how do we discover this purpose? Or more importantly, how does a business find it and provide it for customers? For Employees? For the world?

For companies to act as a force for good and create change they must become intimately aware of why they exist. Not merely for the bottom line, to retain top talent or grow a customer base. But to make the world a better place to live.

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As a brand strategy consultant, Jason strongly believes in business as a force for good. Bringing a rare balance of strategic thinking and design thinking, he helps clients achieve business objectives through the discovery of purpose. Utilizing a mindful framework to develop a compelling ‘why,’ Jason confronts brand development at its deepest and most meaningful levels. His experience has taken him from industries such as magazine publishing, UX and product development, non-profit sector and startups.

When not working, Jason can be found hiking, camping, snowboarding, SUPing, or on the AT. For more info on how a mindful approach to brand strategy can help your startup, visit, or call 941.504.4089

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