How we uncover purpose for your brand.

The Begin Within™ process is a way to uncover your brand’s purpose.

Purpose is a universal need. We feel more well-being when we understand how our time and energy contribute to something bigger. Customers experience deep needs being met. Employees feel a sense of growth and vendors help build community.


Groundwork is where we get serious about who you are and your compelling ‘why.’ Through a series of collaborative sessions, we focus on understanding the challenges your brand, team, and business face. It’s flexible, adapted to your situation, and can be done on-site or virtually. We work together to define your core character archetypes, define the competitive landscape, and get closer to your ideal audience.

All of this leads to a clearly articulated purpose serving as the foundation for all activities to follow.


With the Groundwork complete we work to create a position and message aligned with how and why you matter to your audience. A series of workshops designed to get your team focused on the most powerful attributes are then tested with your audience. This focus and clarity mean deeper connections to purpose in every aspect of the organization.


With a clearly defined brand identity established and approved, work begins on the visual identity system. Logo design, brand guidelines, customer experiences, branded spaces, print, web design, and more make up touch points employees and customers interact with.

Why use a mindful framework?

All brand/marketing agencies have a process to walk clients through discovery, strategy and design. How they form insights is what begins to separate them. The power of any process is not in using it but where it leads you.

For an authentic brand to succeed it must become intimate with their character, compassionate to their customers, and do one thing really well. Additionally, incorporating purpose can add a layer of complexity for some.

Employing a mindful framework to brand strategy reduces this complexity. It observes and asks questions without preconceived agendas and without judgement. It responds rather than react. It’s flexible, allowing for other tools and processes to evolve its effectiveness.

Here are some reasons to approach your brand strategy with a mindful framework.

No. 1

To create meaning requires self-awareness.

It’s important to understand who you are as an organization. Why do you exist? What’s important to you? How do you see the world? Etc. Without this understanding, you risk wandering aimlessly through your market.

No. 2

Familiarity breeds confusion.

One thing I hear a lot from clients is they’re too close to their business every day to see subtle nuances that could be helping or hurting them. Part of mindfulness is using what’s called a ‘beginner’s mind.’ It’s a way to remain open-minded to possibilities, focus on questions not answers, and always learning from experiences.

No. 3

Breaks free from extrinsic motivators, challenges expectations of others, and redefines traditional markers of success.

It’s important to be aware of customer needs and competitive choice. But we all have the potential to get wrapped up in comparing and competing with others to the point we become a ‘me too’ brand.

No. 4

Respond quicker to feedback and accountability.

When creating meaning from our best and highest expression, we’re able to respond to changes and challenges quicker through authentic and aligned decision-making.

Uncover your brand's purpose. Get started today.

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