7 Guiding Principles

of using a mindful approach to brand development

Change is inevitable. Change is not easy. It can be overwhelming and full of uncertainties. However, not adapting to change means not progressing.

Working to align your brand’s internal culture to support growth requires you look at opportunities differently. These seven principles will guide your brand when navigating the unstable environment of change.

Become Rooted

It requires you become rooted and embrace where your organization is while setting an intention of where you want to go.

Create vs Compete

Focus on creating more than competing. When you create as only you can, it becomes a competitive advantage and you find flow within those activities.

Who Are You?

This work requires you have a deep understanding of your organization’s character, values and personality. These drive all decisions made by the brand. If they don’t align here, there will be problems down the road.

Love What You Do

It means you love what you do. You wholeheartedly believe in its value. It’s what fuels your team. It’s why you wake up everyday and push through uncomfortable moments of life.

Express Yourself

We want you to communicate your brand voice fully and creatively. Be bold and claim your ground.


It requires you to design experiences that show customers and employees you’re aware of their needs.

Become Connected

It will guide you to deeper connections with what you do, the people you serve and the world around your brand.

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