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Focus on Purpose: Why Startups Need to Escape the Feature-first Mindset

Brand strategy with a mindful framework.

Helping startups and founders build purpose-driven brands.

Brand strategy with a mindful framework to build purpose-driven startups.

Employees and customers want more meaning in their life. Startups have the unique opportunity to start with purpose and create new standards for business as a force for good. A mindful framework to brand strategy breaks free from extrinsic motivators, challenges expectations of ‘me too’ strategy, and ignores traditional markers of success.

Begin Within Process

The Begin Within™ process is a way to uncover your brand’s purpose.

Brands are made up of people. People want to live meaningful lives. They want to have meaningful experiences where their talents are used in the highest way to contribute to something bigger than themselves.

You can call this ‘purpose’, ‘your compelling why’, or ‘flow.’ Whatever you label it, creating meaning for yourself and others requires self-awareness. The Begin Within™ process focuses on building brand strength from the inside-out.


The evolution of a socially responsible brand is both an art and a science. With Jason’s strong command of these elements and his wisdom in design, he has added great value to our overall branding strategy.

Kristen Nichols

CEO, Ziiva LLC.

His work process and product immediately added tremendous value to our business. Jason brings design-forward thinking, a strong business sense and outstanding market insights to help position any business for success. Highly recommended.

Rich Fernandez

Co-Founder, Wisdom Labs

His branding process helped us find clarity regarding our unique positioning and message to our desired audiences.

Shalini Bahl, Ph.D.

Founder, The Reminding Project


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Find Your Purpose: Why Startups Need to Escape the Feature-first Mindset

No organization exists purely to make products or a profit. It exists for a deeper purpose. For companies to act as a force for good and create change they must become intimately aware of why they exist and how they create meaning for customers and employees.

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