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The Reminding Project is a social business to rethink leadership in the 21st century

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Mindful Brand Development

Mindfulness and brand development have more in common than you think.

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Begin Within™

See more about my process to help strengthen brands from the inside out.

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This is the groundwork. To build or strengthen a brand, you must understand the current situation as well as the company’s outlook of the future.


All communication begins with intention. Strategy is the intention set by the company to move towards the desired outlook of the future; and do it authentically.


Design is the most recognized brand element; it breeds awareness. However, it’s empty without first establishing deeper meaning and connection.

Case Study

Vanguard Lofts

I collaborated with Sarasota’s premier development, Vanguard Lofts, to leverage their core character traits and shake up the real estate market in Florida.

Nestled in a walkable landscape, Urban Infill is a signal that an area is prime for a residential and live/work rebirth. As Sarasota’s premier development for the urban lifestyle, Vanguard Lofts is focused on providing ample live/work area while cultivating artistic and culturally diverse environments.

What Clients Are Saying

"The evolution of a socially responsible brand is both an art and a science. With Jason’s strong command of these elements and his wisdom in design, he has added great value to our overall branding strategy."

Kristen Nichols

CEO, Ziiva LLC.

"Jason worked on an extensive branding campaign for our company Wisdom Labs, and his work process and product immediately added tremendous value to our business. Jason brings design-forward thinking, a strong business sense and outstanding market insights to help position any business for success. Highly recommended."

Rich Fernandez

Co-Founder, Wisdom Labs

"His branding process helped us find clarity regarding our unique positioning and message to our desired audiences."

Shalini Bahl, Ph.D.

Founder, The Reminding Project

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